Apply to Be a Volunteer

At Bide Awhile Animal Shelter, we are very fortunate to have a strong network of individuals who volunteer their time to help us with a wide range of events, programs and initiatives, all for the betterment of our animals.

If you choose to donate your time and energy to our animals, you will be carefully matched with an opportunity that aligns with your interests and experience, and requires assistance. The first step is to fill out the volunteer application. Once received, our volunteer committee will arrange a short interview with you to discuss your interest in volunteering and any related experience you may have. We do require our volunteers to be at least 16 years of age or older, and make no exceptions.

We love our people as much as we love our animals. From walking dogs to facilitating pet visitations, our dedicated volunteers are a crucial part of the Bide Awhile family.

These are some of our ongoing volunteer opportunities

Representing the shelter at information booths, fundraising and community events, walking in the Pride or Natal Day Parades. This helps us connect with our community, raise funds for the shelter, and boost brand awareness. These volunteers are contacted ahead of each event to sign up for shifts.

Baking delicious treats for our semi-annual Open House which includes a craft and Baked Goods sale. This roster of volunteers bakes up a storm and brings their delicious goodies in to be sold at our Annual Holiday Open House and our Annual Summer Open House.

Bringing our cats or kittens in to nearby nursing homes to help socialize the animal and provide comfort to seniors. Our Pet Visitation Program is scheduled ahead of time and requires that volunteers have their own vehicle.

Administrative tasks, such as signing participants in at events like Cat Yoga, photocopying, filing paperwork, stuffing envelopes, and more.

Helping socialize our cats and dogs is one of our most sought-after opportunities for volunteers. Every day at a set time, a pair of scheduled volunteers spend time playing with and petting our animals to help socialize them before they are adopted. We also accept volunteer applications for individuals to take our dogs for walks around the neighbourhood.

Our team is always looking for individuals to help with our annual calendar creation, sales, and distribution as part of our Calendar Committee. Our annual calendar is one of our key fundraising initiatives every year. Volunteers can help judge our pet photo contest, solicit potential sponsors, distribute calendars to retailers and provide input on its design.

Pulling weeds, moving mulch and planting flowers in Trios Memorial Garden with our Gardening Committee. Our garden is a quiet, peaceful place for pet guardians to remember the furry friends they’ve loved and lost.

Investigating new and exciting opportunities to showcase our brand and educate the public about animal adoption, spaying/neutering pets, responsible pet guardianship and more, on our Communications and Community Outreach Committee.

Overseeing and ensuring the financial viability and sustainability of the shelter, including budget preparation and more, as part of the Finance Committee.

Brainstorm fundraising initiatives and activities alongside other members of our Fundraising Committee. As a registered charity that receives no government funding, our fundraising efforts are an integral part of keeping our operations running.

Help solicit sponsors for Bide Awhile events and activities, such as the Blue Nose Marathon, as part of our Sponsorship Committee. This helps cover the costs associated with the event or function, and helps us maximize our revenue to help cats and dogs in need.

Coordinate and help schedule our volunteers for various functions and events as part of our volunteer committee.

Apply for a seat on our Board of Directors. Our board of directors helps make key decisions when it comes to the direction of the shelter. Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of every month and board members are expected to take an active, leadership role on various committees. We begin to accept board member applications in early spring.