Celebrate a life

In 2012, we created a special spot on the Bide Awhile Animal Shelter property – Trio’s Place Garden. This is a peaceful place to remember or honour a beloved family member or friend, whether they’re human or animal.

Trio’s story

We named the garden in honour of someone who not only inspired us, but also ruled the roost at Bide Awhile for almost 23 years. With only three legs, Trio faced a unique challenge—but it never slowed her down.

As soon as she arrived, she began tugging on the heartstrings of Darrold Gould, our Executive Director at the time. Soon enough, Bide Awhile became her permanent home. She was a constant presence, whether she was lending her grand vocal skills to the hum of the office or participating in meetings by stretching out on the boardroom table.

Trio was exceptional and her garden should be, too.

Three things you should know about Trio’s Place

  1. Trio’s Place isn’t a cemetery; it’s simply a serene place where we can remember and celebrate a loved one’s life.
  2. This is a stand-alone Bide Awhile fundraising project. Donations will fund the garden’s upkeep and contribute to ongoing animal care.
  3. We need your help today—and tomorrow. Transforming Trio’s Place into a natural oasis requires ongoing financial resources. Please remember a loved one by donating:

$250 for a tree

$150 for a shrub or boulder

We’ll inscribe a plaque with wording of your choice and place it near your donated item.

Make Trio’s Place Your Place

Our garden can’t come to life and thrive without help. From tilling the soil to planting the trees, everything has a cost. We invite you to take part in this special project by making a donation.

We’d like to thank the Bank of Montreal for helping us break ground in 2012. We couldn’t have done this without them.

Help Trio’s Place Garden thrive. Contact office@bideawhile.org to donate.