In 1969, stray and abandoned animals were increasing in number. A small group of concerned citizens saw the growing problem and made it their mission to provide these homeless creatures with medical attention and shelter. Those dedicated people became the founders of Bide Awhile Animal Shelter.

For the next three years, animals were sheltered in the back room of a Spryfield veterinary clinic. Whenever there were too many animals for the clinic, our founders would seek out temporary homes. In 1972, they took out a mortgage. They were able to purchase a permanent home for the shelter, on Eaton Avenue in Dartmouth.

The building needed a lot of work to bring it up to code, but the community was supportive and provided both materials and labour. Money was tight, but the shelter’s first manager spent cautiously and saved vigorously. Volunteers cared for the animals, often helping out after their regular workday had ended. Even under such tight restraints, each animal was given the individual attention and playtime they needed to successfully transfer to a loving, permanent home.

A Society of Compassion

In 1970, Bide Awhile was incorporated as a society, allowing us to conduct professional business and creating a stronger foundation for the future. A statement of the society’s purpose was written and by-laws were drafted.

The community quickly recognized us as compassionate caretakers for animals in need. The space on Eaton Avenue was frequently renovated, and we began hiring paid staff to tend the growing number of animals and to provide better care facilities.

Our New Home

In April 2008, we opened our new building on Neptune Crescent in the Woodside Industrial Park in Dartmouth. Volunteers worked tirelessly for several years, raising the $540,000 needed to build and open the shelter.

In May of 2009, we announced the end of our successful Building a Better Bide Awhile campaign. Throughout the campaign, we were constantly overwhelmed by the generosity of our donors—building suppliers, tradespeople, our friends, our members, and volunteers. We’re especially grateful for the kindness of our friend and lead donor donalee Moulton, Principal of Quantum Communications.

Our Goals

After 50 years, our volunteers are still the driving force of the shelter. But even with our committed people and larger facility, we’re still unable to completely satisfy the current need. We’re dedicated to finding solutions by:

  • working closely with animals and people

Educating the public about:

  • animal welfare issues
  • proper care and training
  • how to interact with animals