Welcoming a rescue animal into your family should be a joyful and rewarding experience. At Bide Awhile Animal Shelter, you’ll find a number of pets waiting for the right person to come along and give them a better life.

If your ideal adoptee comes with whiskers and nine lives, you’re in luck. We usually have a wide variety of cats to choose from. Better yet, Bide Awhile cats are happy cats. By giving them the freedom to roam our shelter’s wide-open spaces during the day and a safe place to sleep at night, we’re helping them become social, adaptable, and ready for their next (and last) home.

If you’d prefer an animal that loves car rides and long walks on the beach, give us a call. Although we have limited space, we often have dogs available for adoption.

Experience the unconditional love of an adopted animal. Find out who’s waiting for you.

Top Reasons to Adopt

Save lives: Not only will you give a homeless animal a new life, you’ll make space in the shelter for the next refugee.

Save money: Adopting an animal costs less than buying from a pet shop or breeder. Plus, we take care of the spaying or neutering.

Save time: Our animals vary in breed, age, size, and personality—giving you a better chance of finding the one you’re looking for.

Save your belongings: Adopting an adult cat or dog means fewer puddles and nibbled shoes.