Bide Awhile Animal Shelter is pleased to offer a Long-Term Foster/Palliative Care Program.  This program is designed to find permanent foster homes for older animals, or those with health concerns that may be harder to adopt out.  The animals involved in this program are still able to enjoy a high quality of life, though some medical care is required.  Bide Awhile strongly believes that the animals in this program deserve to live out the remainder of their time in a loving home.

As part of our Long-Term Foster/Palliative Care Program, the following will be provided free of charge for the animal:

  • Spay/neuter, vaccinations, deworming, flea treatment, feline leukemia testing and microchipping
  • All medical costs associated with the animal as deemed necessary by our veterinarians at the Eastern Passage Village Vet Hospital (including exam, bloodwork, urine testing and any medication used to treat illness)
  • Emergency care at the Metro Animal Emergency Hospital if required
  • Please note that all veterinary care (excluding emergencies) must be provided through Eastern Passage Village Vet.

Animals in the program:

Pumpkin was Bide Awhile’s beloved shelter cat for over a year.  She came into our shelter overweight and through testing we discovered she was in the early stages of kidney disease.  Through a special diet, Pumpkins weight reduced significantly.  Pumpkin retired from her job as Bide Awhile’s shelter cat in December 2019 and was adopted into a loving home, making Pumpkin the first cat to take part in our Long-Term Foster/Palliative Care Program.

If you are interested in fostering an animal like Pumpkin, please contact our executive director at or 902-469-9578.

Costs involved:

It costs approximately $500 a year for each animal that is involved.  With your help, Bide Awhile will be able to cover the costs of medical care for the animals in our Long Term Foster/Palliative Care Program.

Donations that exceed our current need will be used to help other animals in our shelter.

If you are interested in taking part in this program and giving cats like Pumpkin the chance to live out the remainder of their time in a loving home, please consider donating online or by cheque, noted for the Long-Term Foster/Palliative Care Program.