What does no-kill mean?

We do not euthanize healthy animals and will attempt to provide medical care for all animals that we bring into the shelter. In some cases though, if we feel the animal is too sick and has no chance at living a quality life, we may have to make the decision to euthanize. Our aim at Bide Awhile Animal Shelter is to find homes for all of the animals we take in.

How long do you keep the animals?

We keep all healthy and adoptable animals for as long as it takes to find an appropriate forever home.

Why do you charge adoption fees?

We charge adoption fees to cover the costs of medical care, spay or neuter, food and care.

Are your adoption fees refundable?


Why do adopted pets have to be spayed or neutered?

There is not enough space in shelters for all of the unwanted and abandoned animals. Spaying and neutering will help to control overpopulation.

Where do all the animals come from?

The animals come here from various situations – abandonment, abuse or the owner has to surrender the animal due to their own financial or health problems or the inability to keep the cat in their current situation.

Do the animals that go through rescue demonstrate behavioural problems or have medical problems?

Some animals in our care have problems and will continue to have them to some degree.  Others come to us with problems that we have been able to successfully control or eliminate.  Many have no serious problems at all, other than having been unjustly abandoned, abused or neglected. The animals we shelter may have had little or no formal training, but some are very well behaved.

We will always disclose to you all we know about an animal.  If an animal has a serious medical condition or behavior problem, we will discuss this with you so you can make informed decisions regarding adoption.

Do you ever rescue purebred animals?

We have dogs and cats of all breeds but most are not purebred.

Do you place animals with renters?

Yes, but we will check with the landlord and ask about their policies regarding pets.

Who cares for the animals?

We have trained staff that care for the animals.

How can I find out about the laws regarding animals that are loose, creating noise, on-or-off leash, creating a nuisance, etc. ?

Refer to your municipal by-laws and phone the local animal control center if necessary.

Do you allow people living outside of Nova Scotia to adopt animals from the shelter?


I cannot take care of my pet any longer. What can I do?

Try calling the shelter first. We may be able to help if we have space. However, you should explore all other options first as a responsible pet owner.

How can I adopt a pet?

Please read about our adoption process.

Can Bide Awhile Animal Shelter make a presentation to a school or community organization?

If there are volunteers available, we will try to arrange a good time that will work for both your organization and the volunteer.

Why do you have an age limit for adopting and volunteering?

The legal age for adopting is 19 years and for volunteering the age is 16. This is to ensure that our animals are handled by mature and responsible people.

How long do you hold the animals before they go up for adoption?

We typically hold the animals for about 14 days so that we can have the animals spayed or neutered, health checked and to ensure that they are socialized and not carrying any viruses or diseases.

Is Bide Awhile Animal Shelter affiliated with any other animal welfare agencies?


Does Bide Awhile pick up loose, stray or deceased animals?


What animals do you have available for adoption?

Please see our adoption page for the current animal guests that need a good home.

How often do animals need their vaccinations?

Please speak to your veterinarian for the current recommended vaccination schedules.

Does Bide Awhile perform animal cruelty investigations?


Do you accept donations of blankets & towels and other pet supplies?

Please refer to our wish list for items that are needed at the shelter.

I found a baby bird, rabbit, injured wildlife, etc. What do I do?

At Bide Awhile Animal Shelter, we can only accept cats and dogs.

Is there a fee to drop off an animal?

No but we ask for a donation to help cover the costs associated with their care.

Can I get my animal spayed or neutered for free?

No. We do, however, offer a low-cost Spay/Neuter Program to those who qualify. Call the shelter to learn more – 902-469-9578.