Losing a pet is upsetting and traumatic, but the situation doesn’t have to end badly.

Here are some tips to help you get your pet back safely:

  • Take action immediately – start looking for your pet right away.
  • Look around your neighbourhood right away, check with neighbours, the mail carrier and children playing in the area. Ask for home owners to check garages, under decks, around sheds and greenhouses etc.
  • Put a notice on Facebook and ask your friends to share it.
  • Call and visit your local shelters right away and continue to do so every other day.
  • Check the websites and Facebook pages of local rescues.
  • Ask the owners of lost pet Facebook pages or groups to post your notice.
  • Call all vet clinics in your area, and check if your animal has been brought in injured or sick.
  • Check internet Lost and Found listings such as Kijiji or Craig’s list. Check them often.
  • Put up posters in your neighbourhood and deliver flyers door to door with a description of your pet. Offer a small reward and you will get more responses.