Bide Awhile Reading Circle

Bide Awhile’s reading circle program started in 2014 when a teacher contacted us to see if we would be willing to allow some of the children to read to the animals. She wanted to find a way to make reading out loud less intimidating. Often children are nervous about reading in front of the class or an adult. The animals help to calm the children’s nerves and create a non-judgemental atmosphere. The reading circle has turned out to be a mutually beneficial arrangement for the children involved, for our cats and dogs and for Bide Awhile.

Here is one teacher’s recent testimonial:

“During our time at Bide Awhile, we have seen our children learn the importance of kindness, patience, and compassion in
relating to their furry friends as well as one another. The children have seen animals like “Eddie” demonstrate resilience and trust in a way that can only be described as inspiring. We’ve also seen our children work through difficult feelings and communicate with the animals and each other using safe, non-judgmental, and companionate words.

We’ve seen our children develop awareness that animals, like people, are unique, each with their own wants and needs, and ways of demonstrating them. The pets at Bide Awhile have also made reading time an exciting and enjoyable experience for some of our struggling readers.

All in all, our experiences at Bide Awhile have been both academically and emotionally rewarding. Through his sharing of the animal’s unique stories, Darrold has evoked empathy and compassion in our students, who recognize that caring for a pet is a significant and rewarding commitment.”

If you are interested in finding out more about the program, please contact Darrold Gould, Executive Director, at 902 469-9578.