Lenny is a loving 5 year old male Himalayan who has Cystitis. While he appears to be a shy guy, Lenny loves attention from humans and other cats. He enjoys chin/cheek scratches, nuzzling the palm of your hand, catnip, and playing with dormant toys. Little mice and small stuffed animals are his favourite to kick around. 

Lenny has a thickening of his bladder wall (cystitis) that can occur when he becomes stressed. Additionally, he has a mild heart murmur.  

He has been blocked or close to blocking twice in his life, both in the last year prior to his stay with us at the shelter. Medical intervention is costly when a cat has become blocked, they may require surgery, overnight boarding/monitoring, and to be sent to the emergency clinic. While he has been treated surgically, post-surgically, and been placed on prevention medications + diets, there is no guarantee he may not block again in the future.    


Metacam 0.1ml (liquid) daily administered by mouth.
Gabapentin when needed.
Urinary diet for life.