Volunteer Appreciation

A labour of love

We love our people as much as we love our animals. From walking dogs to facilitating pet visitations, our dedicated volunteers are a crucial part of the Bide Awhile family.

Our shelter, our events, and our projects wouldn’t be the same without our long list of caring and committed volunteers. We refer to this list whenever we need help, whether we’re looking for people to work on our calendar or help with a bake sale.

Be a part of something great. Volunteer today.

Helping hands

There are many events and fundraisers that you can help us with such as:

Bake and Craft Sales

Open Houses

Bowling for Critters

Chase the Ace

Annual Calendar Sales

Various Fundraising Events

Information Tables

Volunteer of the Year – 2018, Nancy Mansfield

Nancy has been involved with Bide Awhile for decades. She first joined the Board back in 2009, sitting on and chairing various committees, while actively representing the shelter at various events and activities in the community. She has spent the last year in an ex-officio capacity, serving as our treasurer, while chairing the finance and calendar committees, and as a member of other committees as well.  Thank you, Nancy, for your hard work and dedication to the shelter!





Volunteer of the Year – 2017, Stacey Langley

Stacey had been volunteering with Bide Awhile over 16 years. She first joined the Board as treasurer she then became Fundraiser chair. Stacey is involved with planning and participating in almost all Bide Awhile events.








Volunteer of the Year – 2016, Ryan Dinn (right) with Collette Saunders (left).

Ryan began volunteering in 2014 as a dog walker. He has been involved in the Auction House each year and donates his time virtually every Thursday for Chase the Ace. We are grateful to have dedicated volunteers like Ryan.


Volunteer of the Year – 2015, Flo MacLennan (left) with Darrold Gould, Executive Director (right).


Flo has been involved as a volunteer with Bide Awhile for many years. She has been President of the Board, served as a board member, chaired several committees, works or organizes several events each year and is currently working on Chase the Ace every week.

Volunteer of the Year – 2013, Lisa Neilly (right) with Nancy Mansfield, President (left)


lisa has designed and formatted our bi-annual newsletter until the Spring of 2013. She is also the graphic designer and does all the layout for the annual Bide Awhile Calendar. Thank you Lisa for all your hard work and dedication.