Community Fundraising

Great neighbours

We have the best community an animal shelter could ask for. All year long, Bide Awhile animals benefit from fundraisers organized by thoughtful, generous people in the community.

The profits from bake sales, lemonade stands, and yard sales have all helped to create a better home for our animals. Children donate birthday money and workplaces organize wish list donation drives. Some people make items for us to sell and others bring in much-needed items like detergent and towels. We’re grateful for all of it.

Want to get involved? Find out what’s on our shelter wishlist.

Sharing the love – People in the Community Making a Difference

Meet some of the people in our community who have donated to the shelter and made a difference in the lives of our animals:

Angela stopped by in early August to drop off donations of pet food, money and other goodies for the shelter. Her Kingswood Hammonds Plains Piano students have been fundraising and collecting supplies for us. Thank you so much!








Max made a very special trip to the shelter today – to bring in a donation: his birthday money! Thank you so much, Max, for thinking of us and for helping us help animals in need!








Thank you so much, Claire, for visiting the shelter this weekend and bringing in a donation for your fifth birthday! Thank you! We appreciate it so much!









Chase stopped by to drop off donations for us that she received for her birthday! This is the fourth year in a row she’s thought of Bide Awhile on her special day! Thank you so, so much, Chase!








To celebrate their birthdays, Lena and Drew dropped off a ton of donations for the shelter! Thank you both so much for thinking of us!





Thank you so much to the Dartmouth Sparks group for having us in for a reading! They surprised us with cleanings supplies, pet food and other awesome goodies that will help us help our animals. Thank you!






We had two very special visitors – Kamryn and Kaleigh! Thank you so much for the donation of supplies and money! We appreciate it so much! You’re amazing!

Emma and Charlotte, you’re amazing! Thank you so much for making a presentation to 100 Kids United about Bide Awhile to raise money for the shelter! Thank you, thank you!
For the eighth year in a row, McKenzie has come in on her birthday to make a donation! This year, she brought her friend, Ceili! Thanks so much, McKenzie! Your donation of pet supplies and money is greatly appreciated!







Left to Right – Colin, age 10, Erin age 8 and Ian age 12 donated $610 to us! They had a lemonade stand with help from McKenna, collected recycled items and asked for donations instead of gifts for their birthdays! Thank you guys so much!!


Thank you to Audrey Moher, Nan Thomson and Bev Wile for cross stitching Maud Lewis’s painting “Three Black Cats” and raffling it off. They donated all the proceeds to us, which was $702!!


Thank you to the students from Beechville-Lakeside Timberlea Senior Elementary School (Grades 3-5) for raising $258.30 for us through different school fundraisers!

Chase requested donations to Bide Awhile in lieu of gifts for her 9th birthday. Thanks Chase!!birthday-money-donation_chase

Naomi donated $91 to us, the money was given to her for her 10th birthday! Thank you so much!!!


Fallon asked for donation instead of presents for her birthday, she received $100 to donate to Bide Awhile. Thanks again Fallon!


A BIG thank you to McKenzie (right) for donating supplies and money she received from her birthday party! This is her 7th year asking party guests to donate to Bide Awhile rather than giving her presents! Her friend Cassidy (left) came along as well.


Molly has been putting aside some of her allowance all year for the animals at Bide Awhile. Thank you Molly!molly-allowance-money

Thank you to Hannah (left) she was the RBC contest winner to donate a $150 to the charity of her choice and she picked US!!!

Eric recently celebrated his birthday, rather than asking for gifts he asked his friends and family to make a donation to Bide Awhile. Eric raised $130! Thanks so much! eric-donation

Instead of collecting birthday presents for herself this birthday girl asked her guest to bring items for Bide Awhile! We are so grateful!!


Kaitlin donated all of her allowance money to Bide Awhile! Thank you so much!


We recently received a cheque for $135 from students at Bicentennial School. This past winter, the students who are part of the school’s WeAct Committe held a fundraiser where they sold Rafiki bracelets/necklaces. A majority of the funds raised went back to the women in Kenya who made the jewelry, but additional money raised was to be donated to a local charity. After an official vote was held at the school the students decided to donate the money to us! Thank you to all the students!!

We often get handwritten notes, cards and artwork from children who have brought in a donation. Here are a couple of recent ones, created with heart. Thank you so much!

donationcard donation


 Adrienne brought in a basket of goodies for the cats recently. Thanks for thinking of us! We’ll put all of it to good use.


Arlene, Alyson, Krista and Indie brought in donations as a random act of kindness and left a Jonah’s Way card. The idea is to be kind or do a random act of kindness and then leave a card for the next person to pass it on. If you want to participate, go to:








Josie had a birthday party and asked for donations for Bide Awhile. She brought in a cheque and some other items to present to Darrold Gould. Thank you so much Josie!



 Vanessa and Alex Burchill brought in some donations on Wednesday for Bide Awhile. Thank you so much!img_2200

Sydney (shown here with Executive Director, Darrold Gould) brought in money and donations gathered at her 9th birthday party. Thanks for thinking of us Sydney!


The Retainers, a band consisting of local dentists, arranged a gig and chose Bide Awhile as the charity to receive the proceeds of $500. The Retainers are shown below during their performance. Thank you!

These two girls brought in a donation from McKenzie’s birthday party. She asked for donations instead of gifts. The world needs more generous girls like McKenzie!


 Jenny Fennell and her boyfriend Ryan brought in a donation of $260 recently. Jenny knits and has a company called Lily Lake on Etsy. She donated a portion of her sales to us. Thank you Jenny!

Emily (plaid top) and Reilly (burgundy top) stopped in to Bide Awhile with a donation. For the past two years they’ve made Christmas wreaths and sold them. All proceeds were for BAW. They came in with an amazing $850.00!! Thank you girls for your time and thoughfulness.

We had a donation of cat food from three girls who did some recycling and saved their birthday money. Many thanks to Amelie, Molly and Erica!

We had a nice donation in December from Darlene and Julia, and they also spent some time with our cats. Thanks so much!


 Vanessa brought in donations collected by the kids at Bell’s Taekwondo. Thanks everyone!


 James brought in his birthday money to donate to Bide Awhile. We really appreciate your thoughtfulness!


 Ruby Parsons brought in a donation of sixteen holiday-themed cat blankets for the shelter. Thanks for your thoughtfulness Ruby.

 Every holiday season, an employee from Southwest Properties repurposes used lightbulbs from buildings that were replaced with energy efficient bulbs. She decorates the bulbs and sells them as ornamnents to family, friends, colleagues and customers. All of the proceeds go to Bide Awhile. What a bright idea!

 See our archive of people who donated in the past, CLICK HERE