A special bond

Research shows that people who have regular contact with animals live a longer and happier life. With this in mind, we’ve expanded our pet visitation program, giving HRM seniors the opportunity to experience these physical and emotional benefits.

Our expertly trained volunteers take our cats and kittens on tour, regularly visiting five seniors’ residences and nursing homes. During a typical visit, our animals may spend time with a stroke patient, an individual with dementia, or a senior with health problems. While many seniors have to give up their pets as they age or move into a seniors’ facility, this program lets them maintain the sense of well-being that comes from spending time with an animal.

A teacher’s legacy

In 2012, a bequest from the estate of Corinne Hopgood gave us the funds we needed to expand our visitation program. As a devoted schoolteacher, Corinne built a legacy of love by enriching the lives of individuals and promoting the bond between people and animals. With this donation, her work will continue for years, allowing us to include more volunteers and visit more facilities. In recognition of our generous supporters, we named our expanded program The William and Corinne Hopgood Pet Visitation Program.

Everybody wins

It has been proven that simply holding a cat on your lap can reduce stress and lower blood pressure. But the seniors aren’t the only ones who benefit—the visits are rewarding for our volunteers, too.

The benefits

  • the satisfaction that comes from watching seniors interact with the animals
  • the happiness of giving back to the community
  • the rewards of helping to facilitate adoption by socializing our cats
  • the ability to improve a senior’s quality of life
  • a fun, relaxing, and energizing change in routine

We believe that human and animal lives are enhanced when they come together, and this program is our best demonstration of that truth.