Pet of the week

Meet Prue.

Prue is a beautiful, white cat (with a black tail and spot on her head) who is just eight-months-old and is exceptionally shy.

For the first few weeks in our open concept cat room, Prue kept to herself in her cage, not welcoming anyone’s touch or play. But, in the weeks that she’s been waiting to meet her forever family, however, she has started exploring, gaining confidence and is – very slowly – becoming less nervous around people.

Prue definitely prefers one-on-one time with soft-spoken, gentle humans, and would be best suited for a nice, quiet home that will encourage her to explore, but not hide.

Since she has been here, she has been spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, dewormed, tested for feline leukemia, groomed and continues to be socialized with humans and cats in the cat room.

As she continues to come out of her shell, she has shown us that she loves to play with strings and toys, likes her chin rubbed, and prefers to have a comfortable, cozy spot to rest in a corner where she feels safe. Prue is still very nervous and continues to take things very, very slowly while she gets to know you, but when she warms to you, she is very, very affectionate.

Does Prue’s personality and lifestyle seem like a great fit for you? Visit the shelter to meet her and fill out an adoption application. If you have any questions, phone 902-469-9578.

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