Wasabi is a loving 4 year-old cat with a bit of a story… 

She is currently the longest resident at our shelter due to no fault of her own, when she came to us in April – Wasabi had a litter of kittens (the condiment crew for those who may remember) and was still raising them until they were big enough. Once her kittens were big enough and went for surgery then adoption, it was then Wasabi’s turn to do the same.  

During Wasabi’s initial spay surgery, she had a reaction to the pre-surgery medication and flatlined on the table. Thanks to our vets, they were able to bring her back and provide the care she needed to return safely to the shelter. We waited for a while contemplating what to do as we can’t have an un-spayed cat adopted out, but her severe reaction scared us all. 

A couple months later and working with the vets to find alternative medication, Wasabi had her second chance at a spay surgery which proved to be successful. She has now been cleared for adoption and is waiting to find her forever home.  

With the Halloween time of year and her coming back to life story, Wasabi has been deemed our “Franken-cat”.