Miski is a lovable 10-year-old female who would love to find a human to call her own. She came to us from a home in October and has patiently been waiting for someone to fall in love with her ever since.  

Her favourite thing is to spend her time cuddled up on the couch in our staff room, begging for a piece of everyone’s lunch. She’s a sweet girl who will announce her presence with little chirps and headbutts while she looks for love. 

Miski does have Hyperthyroidism which is very common in senior cats and easily controlled through daily medication of either pills or transdermal medication (applied to the inner ear). Miski does very well with taking medication and the cost is around $50-70 per month, depending on the chosen method. 

While Miski is a beautiful cat both looks and personality wise, her age and medication requirements often leave her overlooked by potential adopters at the shelter.