Aoife is a unique looking 3 year old female.

When Aoife arrived, she had no fur on her body and was covered in scabs. Not only that, but she was underweight and had blood in her stool.
After her first vet visit, it was determined that she had a severe flea allergy that resulted in her hair loss and itching. A grade 1 heart murmur was also detected during her visit.
She was immediately put on allergy medication to help relieve her discomfort. Now two months later, she is beginning to re-grow her fur and let her personality shine.
Now that Aoife is recovering, this spunky girl has been given the go-ahead for adoption. She would do great in an adult home where she can play, jump, and run until her heart is content.
*Aoife does have a Flea Allergy and Grade 1 Heart Murmur which will be discussed further during adoption appointments.