Hear straight from the people that have started something beautiful by giving an animal a new life.


Hi Bide Awhile! Good afternoon!

It’s been three days since I welcomed Vinny into my life, and I am so glad to share with you that he has been doing very well!

On the first day of arrival, he started exploring the apartment almost immediately. Soon he’s been enjoying his food, water, treats, catnip, toys, blankets, restroom, scratcher, and most importantly, taking up mom’s bed!

Vinny is an extremely sweet boy who gives really awesome headbutts, blinks, purrings and rolling around everywhere I go. I am always very touched when he answers me back without hesitation, probably as he already feels a bit of safe at this point.

Now that he seems to be pretty settled in the house, being calm, having good rest and watching birdies, I am pretty sure we are going to keep up and snuggle together further on.

Again, I can never thank you enough for looking after of Vinny and all the great effort you have taken for the amazing creatures in the community.

Attached are some photos of Vinny & if you like to share, please do so:)


Grace L.